Tuesday, March 30, 2010

John Stiegelmeyer and Miss Understimated

I always like to see positive stories about general aviation and, in particularly, RV airplanes and the people who fly them.

Vinton Today, a news cooperative in Iowa, today features Capt. John Stiegelmeyer, and his RV-7A Miss Underestimated.

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  1. Hi Bob-

    I live near SFO, and it is quite common for GA pilots to fly so-called "Bay Cruise" flights pass the departure end of SFO -28LR. These GA pilots are flying from the south end of San Francisco Bay (e.g. San Jose area)to sight see over downtown SF and back. They typically take-off from San Jose, Palo Alto, or San Carlos and SFO is at the mid-point in their route. Such flights happen daily and the GA pilots are always cleared to follow the highway 101- which passes off the SFO departure end- and stay below 1500 AGL. Listening to the tape, it seems that this GA pilot was on such a routine Bay Cruise and had been cleared to pass the airport (SFO). The controller seemed to be in communication with the GA pilot and seemed to have warned the United pilot of the GA pilot's presence just prior to authorizing United's take-off clearance. My impression is that the United driver felt it was too close for comfort. Keep up the good work. Love your site.


    P.S. I personally don't feel such flights should be allowed. If you ever have an engine failure 1500 over San Franciso, you basically have 2 choices- drown, or come down on top of skyscrappers, cars, or people