Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 Piece of Grass

Last year, after several years of hosting actual BBQs for RV builders and pilots at Oshkosh, I went back to basics and hosted the 2009 Piece of Grass -- inviting people to come out and sit around and chat.

I didn't get the big turnout we'd gotten at previous BBQs, but that's OK. I suspect in that last big year when 500 came, most of them were looking for door prizes. Last year, people were looking for company. Perfect.

Here's the thing: I can't afford these anymore, but I'd still like to have them. The thing is: It takes about 6 campsites to rope off enough room for people to be comfortable -- although I can probably do it with four. I get there on Friday and at $21 a night for four spots, that's $500 -- last year it was about $800.

We passed the hat and I appreciate those who donated, but only collected about $200. Doug Reeves chipped in $100 and someone I'd donated $1,000 to years ago to help finish an RV for a builder who was killed in an accident, repaid the gift. Without that, it would have been a tough, tough week on the finances.

I'm not sure how it's going to work this year. I was asked to help teach volunteers at EAA Radio a thing or two about developing stories, but haven't heard much since (and why would I? It's only March!), and I'm not sure how much time that will take.

I'm hoping we can raise $500 for the campsites ahead of time. Maybe some RV-businesses would like to ship in. None of them read LFFC, as far as I know, so perhaps you can help spread the word.

In return for their generosity they get, well, nothing... except our appreciation.


  1. I will pitch in. I haven't been able to make it in years past, but I would like to if my schedule aligns with the event.

    I will help with some money, clean up, you name it...If my schedule works out.

  2. Bob, how about setting up a PayPal account or something similar. I bet you'd have the $500 in no time. In fact, I'll bet/donate $20.

  3. I'm in for $20 Bob...