Friday, February 26, 2010

Iowa pilots help others soar

What's this? Yet another media story about aviation that's positive. Today's Omaha World Herald profiles the folks at WC Aircraft works down in Boone, Iowa:

Three veteran pilots are helping local aviators take off by building one airplane a time.

Keith Campbell, Kevin Horn and Bob Woolery, who teamed up to form WC Aircraft Works a few years ago, help pilots build experimental aircraft in a hanger near Boone Municipal Airport.

“People wanted a place to do it so we took over the whole hanger — that way we could rent places out for people to build their own airplanes,” Campbell said.

Campbell, Horn and Woolery technically don’t build aircraft for others but provide assistance and oversight.

“Basically they build their own aircraft and we help them if they need it,” Campbell said. “We also teach a class on building.”

The are 11 airplanes in the hanger now. Three of them are capable of flight.

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