Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An aerial tour of St. Paul

I haven't flown into downtown St. Paul since I learned to fly there about 13 years ago. The flight school, Wings, is no longer in business, and I'd stopped flying out of there anyway because its planes were getting worn out and its staff was getting more unwelcoming to renters.

But it was a great place to learn because it underlies the Class B airspace and its towered, so learning how to work the radios wasn't a big deal. It also has the weirdest intersecting runways that form a "V" at the northwest end.

On one occasion, when I first moved here, that contributed to a mid-air accident.

Nowadays, I drive all the way to the southwestern suburb of Eden Prairie to rent an airplane when I fly, but one of these days I'll finish the RV and fly closer to home.

Anyway, I saw this video from Pete Howell on Van's Air Force today and it brought back good memories of KSTP.

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  1. KSTP is where my flying career began. Took an intro flight there and that's when it all became real for me. Great video and thanks for writing.