Monday, November 16, 2009

RVator's Log is posted

The newest RVator's Log from the Minnesota Wing of Van's Air Force is now available here. Our leader, Doug Weiler, is a fabulous, fabulous writer and this month he pens an article on training issues.

Flash forward to 2009 and now we find private pilots faced with the same training issues. A few weeks ago, Jean and I borrowed Tom Berge’s RV-7A and flew to Vermillion, SD to visit #2 son and his girlfriend. The weather was 2500 overcast at Vermillion with unlimited visibility. We were IMC at 4000 feet and cleared for the GPS 32 approach, which required a procedure turn. Tom’s RV is circa 2003 with those funny round dials but a Garmin 530W and a Tru Trak autopilot doing most of the work. My problem is I know just enough about the 530W to be dangerous. No, I really had not sat down and truly learned this box like I should have and as a result every time I fly Tom’s airplane, I find myself not 100% confident in managing the “magic”.

"Managing the magic." What a great phrase.

There's also an article from Tom Berge on the things he finds when he inspects RVs for builders. If you missed it -- and even if you didn't -- here's the article/podcast with Tom I did earlier this year.

And be sure to catch Alex Peterson's article on bolts. Alex, by the way, is the "cover boy" this month on Van's calendar. I even got to ride in that plane with him a few weeks ago.

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  1. Yes Bob, the November picture on Van's Calendar may be the single greatest airplane picture ever taken. The skill required to capture the lighting, the positioning of the planes, the sheer moxie required to fly, create, and shoot all at the same time. Oh hell, let's be honest. I shot 200 pics and got lucky on one.....

    Love the blog Bob, look forward to seeing you at the December meeting.