Sunday, November 8, 2009

'A Miata with wings'

Interesting description of an RV-6 from an article in the paper today about a flying club that just keeps going and going and going... Read the whole story on

Member Gary Wiant got his wings from the Navy when he became a pilot. While serving with the Marines, he flew helicopters over Vietnam. After his military service, he didn't fly for years, but, since it "gets in your blood," he took flight again. Wiant takes up his two-seater RV-6A plane for recreational fun. "It's like a little Miata with wings," he says.

Wiant is one of the newer members of the club, having joined eight years ago. "It's a matter of aviation and fellowship," he says. Wiant enjoys being around other pilots, because they learn from each other's mistakes and can share their experiences.

Current president John E. Marino can rattle off instance after instance when one pilot has gone out of his way to help another.

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