Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Let's just get it over with

Is it better to die a slow, painful death? Or get it over quickly? At this point, that's the only question left facing general aviation. The question of whether it will die has long been answered. It will, and fairly soon.

Out here in Flyover Country, they're locking down one of Minneapolis St. Paul's reliever airports -- Flying Cloud, where I fly out of when I rent the Piper Warrior I use until this RV project is completed.

According to the Eden Prairie News:

The wide open gates pictured here at Flying Cloud Airport will be a thing of the past. A new security system being put in place this week will mean that the gates will be closed , according to Airport Manager Jeff Nawrocki. Visitors to the airport will either have to have to key in a code or be buzzed in by one of the businesses.

How'd you like to be a barely-hanging-on flight school and have a chain link fence, barbed wire, and a sign that says "Keep Out. Authorized People Only" standing between you and your customer?

For the record, small airplanes have never -- not ever -- been used in a terrorist attack on the United States. A Ryder rental truck has. But go stop by the Ryder store on the way home today and see if there's a chain link fence, barbed wire, and a need to get 'buzzed in' procedure in your way.


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  2. Amen brother. I work for a major defense contractor, and I see this type of reflexive thinking all the time. Forget facts and figures. React based on fear, gut feelings and ignorance. It's the main reason I want out of this industry.