Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Washington Post pot meets the kettle

I was surprised to see Miles O'Brien, an otherwise reasonable supporter of general aviation, give some Twitter promotion to this article in the Washington Post today on ABC's plan to use skywriters to promote its "V" remake.

Inherent in the article is that planes in the sky are a bad thing:

All told, we're conservatively talking here about around 400 gallons of fuel containing maybe 800 grams of lead -- aviation fuel is exempt from the EPA's ban on lead -- and around three tons of CO2, among other pollutants, if each "V" outing took about one hour of flying time. This is according to various aviation pundits contacted by The TV Column.

My guess is 15 small planes have less of an environmental footprint than, say, hundreds of newspaper delivery trucks delivering tons of paper which will be thrown in the trash after a few hours.

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  1. Bob,
    All that is true - and if you carefully read the piece, my criticism was aimed at ABC - not GA.