Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Vertical Power features

Vertical Power announced a software upgrade today that introduces new features. For the VP-50, which I have, the highlights are, according to the company:

· Variable speed pitch trim
· Landing light wig-wag
· External switches can turn devices on and off
· Switches 7 & 8 can be used to turn devices on an off
· Current fault alarms (open circuit detection)
· Display of aux battery voltage
· Intermediate flap stops (VP-100 only)

I'm getting two new switches on my panel for the price of... zero! Let's see you switch and fuse people do that! (g)

The light wing-wag has given me a new project for the the winter -- put a second landing/taxi light in the other wing.

I don't have an auxiliary battery so that feature doesn't concern me, and I have manual trim so that does nothing for me either.

Of course my next task is going to be putting the cable together that allows me to download the software update into my lonely Vertical Power control panel.

Here are the particulars.

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