Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pitfalls of exhaust installation 101

I need to plow ahead with engine installation on ye olde RV-7A. George Orndorff's advice, of course, is get the exhaust system and anything else that can't be moved installed before you start running cables and lines and doing baffling work etc.

Fair enough, but here's the problem I'm having in installing the Vetterman system (which is great, by the way) on my Mattituck-built IO-360.

Update 4:21 p.m. 10/20/09 - By way of Rivetbangers and the other usual spots, Mike Bullock has offered this solution:

So I've picked up a 1/2" 1/4"-drive swivel and a 1/4-to-3/8 adaptor (I already had an extension) and I'll try that this evening. Look for another video soon. They're kind of fun to make.

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