Friday, February 27, 2009

User fees

I hated to see Barack Obama's budget, which proposed user fees. Not because I'm against user fees -- I'm not -- but because it will start the chanting among the mostly conservative aviation community about socialism, communism, traitorism, etc.

It's kneejerk really. The AOPA is already out today with its semi call for action.

Me? I'm going to wait for the details and I'm going to consider the proposal. I'm going to block my ears from the "why should I bail out my neighbor?" crowd, which are mostly the people who flunked economics and don't understand who's really getting bailed out.

The kneejerk reaction to the budget is coming from all corners. The corporate farmers are howling, the pilots are howling. That's certainly they're right, but I'm turning off the news and going to build an airplane.

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