Saturday, February 28, 2009

RV Builder's Hotline for 2/28/09 is now posted

The latest RV Builder's Hotline is now posted. Included in this issue are some links toward approaching your canopy project (and fixing it when it doesn't go right), tips on how not to buy an RV, the reports from the NTSB this week on two fatal RV crashes in 2008, a look at a Mazda-powered RV, and builder tips on such things as installing and removing CherryMAX rivets (courtesy of EAA).

As I do every week, I've also built a list of -- in my view -- the most compelling threads on the various RV-related bulletin boards (it's getting harder and harder to weed out the wheat from the chaffe, isn't it?) and also Tom Martin's fairly hysterical story (although I'm sure it wasn't at the time) of his "visit" to Arkansas.

And, of course, much more.

As I write this, the various e-mail sending programs are hard at work. I see Verizon and Yahoo are not being particularly Hotline-friendly so it may take longer for subscribers on those two platforms to get theirs.

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