Monday, February 2, 2009

Video: Routing strobe wires in an RV-7A

The temperature hit the 40s this past weekend, the first time it's been above freezing since December, so a trip to the hangar was in order. I'm starting to decide on various wire routes, one of which is the strobe wires from the power supply behind the baggage compartment to the wings. I didn't like the suggested route; there's too much chance they could interfere with control columns.

I'm going to start producing more amateur video of various tasks over the rest of the construction of the RV-7A. Here's the first.


  1. Bob,
    Nice video. I ran my wires in the recommended locations and found that you need to install Two of the largest bushings possible in the F-705 bulkhead. It's no fun removing wires, because of poor planning, to install a bigger bushing. Ask me how I know :)

  2. I ran the hole as per the plans but I switched the bushing to one that provides a slightly larger inside diameter.

    I don't have a lot of wires to run from back thataway -- ELT, strobe, strobe power, and flap motor.

  3. Yeah, the noise in the background is the propane heater, which helps. It's hard to get much done on an RV project in the winter in flyover country.