Friday, August 8, 2008

RV Builder's Hotline schedule

Now that Oshkosh is over, and the height of the fly-in season has been reached, I'm going to try to gracefully get back to the every-other-week schedule for it. So the next one will/should be out next week.

It gets a little dicey from there because I have to go to Denver to cover the Democratic National Convention and follow that up with a week in St. Paul for the Republicans. Those are usually 5 or 6 20-hour days and they're back-to-back weeks. Somewhere in there, I've got to carve out some time for producing the Hotline.

I presume the fact nobody volunteered for either the threadwatcher or submitted any intersting links means I'm on my own, right?

By the way, are there any RVers in the Denver area who'd like to show me their project. I'm without transportation while I'm there, however.

1 comment:

  1. My thread watching is pretty sporadic. I would like to offer help, but I am afraid I wouldn't be any good.

    Don't take the lack of response as a negative.

    Love what you do