Friday, August 22, 2008

Canopy update -- 5 layers and counting

Let me update on you on the big canopy fairing project. Technical counselor Doug Weiler stopped by on Wednesday and advised "more aggressive sanding." So I sanded the layer of filler that Pete Howell had suggested I use to get rid of the "ski jump."

I still have a little problem with two metal clips holding the canopy in place, so I don't think I'm going to get a deep radius there. I'm using a 4" PVC pipe (which I guess is really 5 inches on the outside) and it's a very shallow radius, but a radius nonetheless. Maybe I'm missing something, but this looks pretty good to me.

After sanding that layer, and after talking to Doug, I added some SuperFil to some low spots and while waiting for the engine to arrive on Thursday, I sanded that down, too. Then last night, I added the 5th layer of glass and put the peel ply on.

I probably haven't paid enough attention to the sides; it's still pretty ugly there. And, yes, I should've taken Checkoway's advice and hacked those "ears" off completely, but I only took a little bit off.

When I get back from Denver -- next Saturday -- I'll have to start putting more glass around that area. It seems to me that the windscreen fairing has to widen significantly in that area to cover the crack where the side skirts meets the front skin.

I'll probably regret this but I stopped using the black pigment. I really can't tell where air pockets are with the stuff, using the clear epoxy mix makes it easier.

Anyway, here's a series of shots showing the "ski jump" as Pete called it, beginning to disappear. I'm interested in your observations on this.

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