Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Moving day

Since the plane project went on sale, there hasn't been much interest, while there has been much interest in seeing it sold -- if it has to be -- as a flying airplane. So some RV friends stopped in a few weeks ago and said we should move it to a heated hangar, and it might be easier to get people to pitch in to get it flying.

So we found a heated hangar in the next row over at South St. Paul. Today was moving day...

That's my son, Patrick, doing the honors.

I'm in the process of coming up with a "to do" list. It's far from complete, but here's what I've got so far.

 Order shielded 18 AWG
 Order insulator boots (3x small 2x large)
 Install left MAG switch
 Install right LIGHTSPEED switch
 Fabricate left mag P Lead from switch to mag
 Run 18 AWG wire from mag switch to ground tabs
 Run 16 AWG Alt. field wire and spliace to Vertical Power (wire coming from VP)
(Follow bottom upper motor mount turbe, between engine cylinders and intake tube)
 Install insulator boots as required
 Adjust alternator to proper belt torque and safety wire
 Double check to be sure you used a doubler at the engine ground nut plate on firewall.
 Mag switch off: Test for 0-10 Ohms between wire terminal and airframe
 Mag switch on: Test for infinite resistance
 Starter button activate: Hear start relay activate and +12 volts at end of DISCONNECTED starter cable.
 Lightspeed Install details to follow

 Check to make sure there’s no problem running probe wires in same penetration as P Lead
 Figure out how to tap into tach on Lightspeed or use tach drive on engine.
 Fuel pressure gauge line to firewall. Connect to EIS
 Oil pressure connection to firewall

 Install left and right Whelen nav/strobe lights in tips
 Install tips
 Find and order close tolerance bolts for rear spar attach point (GATCO?)

 Order intersection fairing from Van’s
 Empennage fairing
 Gear leg fairing
 Main Wheelpants
 Nose gear intersection fairing
 Nose fairing
 Install canopy and replace the stupid quick-release
 Fabricate guides on roll bar into holes L/R
 Install upper canopy lock/secure mechanism
 Install struts (All hardware already installed)
 Reinstall canopy forward limit stops
 Figure route for FAB emergency air cable and install to panel.
 Replace cheap plastic vents. Add screens to vent inflow.
 Remove prop extension.
 Install prop on prop extension (Mike Hilger might be able to help here)
 Install on engine.
 Check prop extension to crankshaft gap (within 1/16“).
 Torque prop bolts properly
 Safety wire prop bolts.
 Check for proper prop track
 Spinner assembly and installation

 Baffling
 Calculate route for servo-to-flow divider line, order or fabricate line.
 Order fire sleeve to install on oil pressure gauge line. Change Adel clamps accordingly.
 Figure out manifold pressure line install.
 Engine breather line.
 Install and secure heat ducting.
 Oil cooler install. (Current hoses may be too long)
 Fabricate tray on firewall for GPS antenna
 Purchase and install antenna firewall passthrough for GPS.

 Safety wire calipers
 Install brake fluid and test
 Consider replacing nose gear axle “puck”
 Think about “jack points”

 Oil door installation
 Install inlet ducts
 Glass around front corners for better fit
 Finish surface for painting.

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