Saturday, August 28, 2010

The power of an engine

A lot of people say once you move your airplane building project to the hangar, the progress you make on it tends to slow down since it's not living arm's-length away from you. There's some truth to that, although when you're working at the airport, every plane that you hear taking off on a distant runway provides a fair amount of motivation to keep plugging away.

It's even more motivating to have the guys who've been building the RV-7 one hangar down, to push it out and see if the engine starts. That was the case last night. I was on fire-extinguisher and videographer duty.

After a celebratory beer, I went back to work on the stupid cowl, adding some fiberglass so that I can sand down pieces of it to make the damned thing fit.

From what I can tell, it'll take about four or five more first-engine starts to get me to finish this aspect of the project.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on your engine start. Didn't realize
    you were so far along! Sounds to me like you still have a timing, plug or lead issue. Shouldn't continue to shake in the mounts like that. Bead blast all the plugs and try it again.