Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Cowling Chronicles -- Episode One

If you've been following me lately -- and even if you haven't -- you may know that the airplane project has hit a big snag because I've worked my way up to the dastardly fiberglass cowling. The instructions I've been using have been awful. They basically say, "figure it out for yourself."

This evening, I thought, "I wonder if there was an update in the instructions since I started this project in 2001?" And, indeed, there was and it appears to answer some of the questions about why some people have been offhandedly citing instructions that weren't in my instructions.

They're still not great, but they're more informative than the dinner napkin I've been trying to read off of.

So maybe this will be the only episode of The Cowling Chronicles. I'm betting not. Enjoy.


  1. Hope you continue with this search for solutions. I used your posting for empennage fiberglass tips to get over that hurdle, and am interested to see how you resolve the cowling issue. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

  2. Hey Bob... I am right at the same point as you are. I'm using camlocs in some places instead of hinges, but the way you trim the fiberglass should be the same. Maybe there's something useful for you on here:

    By the way, from having done this once before I know that the great thing about (non-structural) fiberglass is that you can always cover your sins with filler. Once you get the circum-spinner area to fit as well as you can, you should have no problem making it look really great once it's all filled and painted.