Monday, April 12, 2010

Installing a Precision Airmotive fuel servo on an IO-360

Why am I bothering with this post? Because at some point in the future, someone who's bought a TMX 360 from Mattituck is going to be pulling a Precision Airmotive fuel servo out of a box, and notice a bag of hardware and also notice there are no instructions anywhere on what should occur next.

I know, because I spent most of the weekend searching online for the information. From what I understand, Airflow Performance fuel servos come with a 150 page book. Precision Airmotive comes with an 8-page pamphlet with a few drawings, none of which tell you how the thing should be bolted onto your engine, which in my case is an IO-360 B1B.

It's kind of an important part, don't you think? It's not an area where you want to guess what to do, so why hasn't someone posted a halfway decent shred of information that takes out the guesswork.

I guess that someone is me.

OK, then, here's what you get in your hardware bag:

The four oblong units, you probably already, are the gaskets for the exhaust system. I've already installed these because they also came with the very fine system from Larry Vetterman.

But I'll let Mahlon Russell, Mattituck's first-class technical expert take it from there:

The hardware package contains the nuts and washers to mount the exhaust, fuel servo and prop gov. It goes the item you are mounting, a flat washer, a star washer and then the nut. The nuts tighten to 196 inch pounds.

The spacer is an optional spacer that can be used between the Precision style fuel servo and it's mounting pad. The silver oblong gaskets are the exhaust gaskets and go between the exhaust system flange and the cylinder flange, the copper ring is an optional crush washer for your oil temp probe, if it didn't come with one.
The b type washer is an optional lock tab that is used on the alternator mounting bracket mount bolts to safety them.

Hope this helps! Any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

OK, Google, do your thing and index this page for future help

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