Sunday, April 25, 2010

The death of Emmanuel Richard

There is a sad story on Planet RV this weekend. Emmanuel Richard, an RV-4 pilot, apparently flew into a Texas town earlier this week and was found shot to death on the recent grave of a man who, according to authorities, was her father figure. Officials believe it was a suicide.


  1. Hey Bob, thanks for putting this up. I worked with "Frenchie" in So Cal back in 2003-04. What a wonderful person she was. Had great times at those VNY hangar BBQ's. I last saw her in Aug 2006, had lunch with her and another former coworker. Never imagined something like this would happen, she had accomplished so much and had what seemed to be an unlimited future. Em loved flying; every aviator she knew can only hope she's smiling down on them every time they go up. If anyone has more info-memorial service, any contact person in so cal, etc. please send me an e-mail:

  2. Em was just out March 27th @ KCNO flying our PA-25-235 towing banners. She was in great spirit there was some wind issues no stress got the job out and stayed for a while for conversation with Eveline. Em will be greatly missed as a friend as well as a great pilot. Picture is of one of the banners EM flew in February.

  3. Adrian MontemayorJune 14, 2010 at 12:14 PM

    I only just found out of this tragedy yesterday and feel such great sorrow and regret that I wasnt in touch more frequently. Emmanuel was an inspiration and friend to me. I have known her for many years and helped in the construction of her rv back in Washington. My sincere condolences to all who cared for this great woman. She will be missed.