Thursday, September 10, 2009

When a dream dies

I don't think there's anything sadder than when RV builders give up on a dream, especially when they're my best building buddy.

Warren Starkebaum is selling his RV-7 project. Warren's wife left him not long ago and the project isn't surviving the aftermath. Unfortunately, he also is selling his C-170. It's out of annual, Warren needs a BFR, and he's got a few issues with his medical certificate.

Warren and I met at the first meeting of the Minnesota Wing of the Twin Cities RV Builders Group back in 2001. The best Oshkosh I ever had was the one when Warren was with me in 2006. We flew to Boone, Iowa for RV Day a few weeks ago. He introduced Carolie and I to Bayport and Madeline Island. He's the closest thing I've got to a best friend.

I, of course, have seen Warren's work and it's sensational. Whoever buys his project will be getting an outstanding piece of workmanship.

You may recall the video I made of him cutting the canopy:

Here's his note:

If you happen to know anyone interested in an RV-7 project (airframe, IO-360, FWF kit, no electronics or prop) point them my way. Any suggestions on how to sell the project would be much appreciated. Of course if you stumble onto someone in need of a C-170 you can steer them over here too.

If you're interested, let me know.

Planet RV just got a lot less fun. A lot less.

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