Thursday, September 17, 2009

Builder Profile: Ken Elwood

There goes that nasty anti-aviation media again.

The Plane Building Bug is Airborne in Albany

Ken Elwood's wife says he's a wing nut. He doesn't disagree.

He admits to a fondness for things with wings - specifically airplanes. An aerial gunner in the Navy during World War II, he was bitten by the flying bug when he was just a kid.

"I was hooked on flying after I saw a German dirigible fly overhead," said Elwood, 84. "I guess my wife is right. I've had a pilot's license since I was 21."

He's built five planes, including his Starduster Too, an open-cockpit bi-plane finished in 1971 that he was still flying up to a year ago. The retired teacher and member of the Experimental Aircraft Association even helped his students at South Albany High School build one some years back.

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