Monday, September 8, 2008


Now that the conventions are over, I got back to work on the RV over the weekend. It sounded great to hear small planes in the air now that the week-long TFR has expired.

I put the last two layers (for now) of fiberglass on the canopy windshield. I ended up putting seven layers on, but I've been sanding as I go. The aluminum clips are coming through as I sand, so I'll just sand 'em down and probably put one final layers on after I get the radius right, or I'll cover them with filler. We'll see which. I wonder if any of you have had this "problem"?

Sanding sucks. I can't believe I was -- at one time -- going to build a GlasStar, a mostly composite airplane. My sandpaper loads up with dust almost right away. I looked for the "Norton champagne" variety online, but the minimum order is 100 sheets at about $40 for 80 grit, and it goes up from there as the grit goes up.

If I'd have been smart, I'd have gotten some others to go in on an order and then split it up. As it is, I ordered some sandpaper from a surfboard building site. I'll see if it works a little better.

The temperatures have cooled off considerably here in flyover country. I left the hangar door closed yesterday for the first time since the spring.

I reckon winter is coming.


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