Friday, September 12, 2008

RV Builder's Hotline posted for 9/13/08

The RV Builder's Hotline for September 13, 2008 has been posted. It's being e-mailed out tonight using the e-mail client that's been a little finnicky, and then on Saturday it will be e-mailed again using the "old program."

I'd appreciate it if subscribers would add a comment here if they receive one tonight and one Saturday/just the one tonight/ just the one on Saturday/ or none at all.

Thanks for your time.

Update -- I've checked and doublechecked and the issues are going out. If you're not getting them, there's a limited amount I can do as the problem is with your ISP. Charter Communications customers, for instance, are getting the Hotline blocked. I've contacted the company and we'll see if they do anything about it. I have provided some guidance on what to do about this in this week's issue.

You may also wish to set up a separate e-mail account on gmail or yahoo or windows live and import that account into your e-mail client in order to circumvent the restrictions that your ISP has put up.


  1. I didn't get either one... and I am a subscriber. Also, when I open your blog I am now being asked for a twitter username and password which I just cancel

  2. Guys: Leave your full name so I can diagnose. Or send me an email directly to bcollinsrv7a(at)

  3. Bob, got mine Saturday, thanks. Your pal Glenn in AZ.