Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Then and now

Kitplanes ran this picture of my sons -- Sean and Patrick -- with the article that is
in the June issue. It was taken on the day the RV project arrived back in 2001.

Think of how different we all were in the spring of 2001 than now. Oh, and they've grown.

Here's Patrick in a picture I took of him and his girlfriend at the Twins game the other night. Much older, but still a Tribe fan.

Sean's a little harder to pin down for pictures. Here's one from last Christmas.

They grew up a lot faster than the airplane has. Patrick is heading back to school to get his degree to become a paramedic. No doubt he'll end up in the St. Paul Fire Department one day. I'm lucky enough to see Sean just about every day since he works where I do, and continually blows me away by how smart he is in matters of technology.

You know when you're a father, you learn to never get too smug about things, because it can all change in an instant; you just love 'em no end and be thankful for good fortune. Even if this plane never gets built, here are two "construction projects" that turned out as grand champions.

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