Thursday, April 10, 2008

Exploring affordability

What am I missing?

The EAA has the details on a system called Forward Vision, which it describes as an "affordable infrared technology for general aviation aircraft."

A blogger yesterday also called attention to it, saying, "WOW! Forward Vision is making this attainable for GA pilots."

This "affordable" unit goes for $15,000!!!

If that's the definition of affordable, I'm clearly running with the wrong crowd.


  1. Give it a few years and you'll see units south of $1000. We just need to get the experimental crowd to start rolling their own.

  2. I agree that $15K is not "cheap" (I couldn't afford it). Considering that 3 years ago, this unit was in the $300K area, it IS more affordable and a few GA pilots may be able to afford it now.

    I agree with [the flying dutchman]that the price will continue south and become more affordable. Let me know when they get to $137.00 and I'm first in line!