Thursday, March 27, 2008

I hate shipping charges

I'm a victim of my own stupidity, but I'm still going on record as saying I hate the shipping and handling charges that companies add to orders. Quite often, it's a hidden price increase that you don't know about until the item shifts.

In an effort to figure out how to drill the engine mount to existing 3/16" holes in the firewall (the QB method), I ordered four bushings from McMaster Carr. My idea was a 1/4" outside diameter bushing will fit inside a 3/8" outside diameter bushing with a 1/4" inside diameter. It won't. But I didn't know that.

Three of the bushings showed up yesterday along with the $9 shipping and handling charge for the items that don't even weigh more than an ounce or two.

Today, I found out the fourth bushing had to be shipped from a warehouse in New Jersey for an additional $9 shipping and handling charge.


Update: My mistake. The shipping was only added to one of the orders. However, for the record, I'm still against shipping and handling charges.

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  1. I just had the opposite experience. One of the things the AP found as he was inspecting Papa was that the hole provided in my carburetor for the carb temp probe was sitting open. This may be the cause of the slight burble I get sometimes right around 1400 rpm, which is coincidentally a power setting that I only seem to use when I'm down low, making the base to final turn.

    Anyway, the mechanic was able to provide me with a part number for a threaded plug that is typically used to close that hole. I googled around and found it for a quite reasonable $1.47, but they wanted $4.75 to ship it. Up against the wall, I figured, and nothing for it but to pay their fee.

    The part arrived, and they billed me $2.75 instead of $4.75. I appreciated that, of course, but the stamp on the envelope was priced a $.80. Still... they could have had me for the full price that I had agreed to at order time.