Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Steve Wilson killed in RV-7 crash

Downstream on the blog, a troll stopped by a few weeks ago to call me an a**hole and complain that all I'm interested in is posting stories about RV accidents. Maybe he got one of them right, but as for the accidents part, well, nothing would give me more delight than to have nothing to post on the subject.

But that is not meant to be, especially in the last few days. Word comes today that Steve Wilson, 57, was killed when his RV-7 went down near Grass Valley, Ca. Details here.


  1. Steve Wilson was a wonderful human being, the best around. He was a devoted husband to Debbie Wilson, adoring father of Mellisa and Katie Wilson, and a fun-loving grandfather to 3 grandkids. He is a hard working, honest business man who has touched tons of lives in the Penn Vally, Grass Valley, and Neveda City areas of Neveda County. He will be missed and treasured forever!!

  2. Trolls seem to live everywhere. If the trollish writer actually spent some time in the forums, he/she/it would realize that the RV community is very close-knit, and the loss of one of "our own" touches many.

    The fact that there has been a raft of crashes lately touches even more of us, and I for one, find it important to take time to mourn those who have passed.

    My 2­­¢, FWIW.