Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's only words...

Yesterday, we moved the fuselage out of my garage to the hangar I rent at SGS (South St. Paul's Fleming Field).

My friend, Warren Starkebaum, took some pictures and I hope to upload some as soon as he sends them to me. We used a very high-tech system, given that the plane is not on its gear. I bought four bales of straw, put them on a trailer that David Maib (RV-10 builder) borrowed and the fuselage steps straddled the straw bales. Perfect.

Placed on its familiar sawhorses at the hangar, some RV-building veterans that David has hired to help with his and his wife, Mary's, RV-10 project, stopped by. He has built or helped build 30 RVs. He took a brief look at it and proclaimed, "your project looks really good."

Friends, let me just tell you that words like that can make a lot of frustrating times disappear in a hurry. They can make years of self-doubt melt. And they can provide tremendous motivation to work on the project.

Not more than a few seconds later, I saw Warren on the other side of the hangar, bending down for a side view of the canopy frame, which was on a table.

"Warren, get the hell out of there, no looking closely at anything," I yelled, invoking the first rule of Bob's hangar; a rule I'd just come up with.

It was too late.

"What the hell did you do to this?" Warren shot back.


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