Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An indecent incident

I generally don't talk about religion or politics on Planet RV, but unfortunately the death of an RV builder in St. Petersburg the other day thrusts both into today's post.

Joseph Bellamy was, according to the article on Tampa Bay Online, four years into his dream of building an RV-8. Bellamy kept the fuselage in the garage and the wings in a storage shed. Working in spare moments here and there, he hoped to finish the painstaking assembly in five to eight years.

He died, along with his parents, when his Cessna 172 plunged into Tampa Bay on Saturday.

By all accounts, Bellamy was a good man, and devoted to his spouse.

Politics and religion aside, can we agree that the person on earth you love the most, shouldn't read about your death on the Internet, because nobody would tell you? Decency requires that someone put an arm around your spouse and gently break the news, right? Well, of course.

So it shouldn't matter, then, that Joseph Bellamy was gay, right?

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  1. Dear sir:

    I knew both Joe and his spouse Eric. Eric is as devoted a spouse as they come. Thank you for speaking out. No preaching, just the facts. And fact is, Joe was one of the best men I ever knew-- and his relationship with Eric one of the most devoted I've ever seen from any couple; Eric's being treated like he was-- now that's the abomination.
    Vance Blankenbaker
    Falls Church, VA