Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Following up on my last post about the delay in getting a new medical, I'm afraid I have bad news.

My ENT guy sent all of his clinical notes to the AME, who had requested a letter clarifying why I was prescribed a diuretic to treat the hearing loss in my Meniere's Disease. That's a bad thing. Never give the FAA more than they're asking for.

Unfortunately, that should reveal a trip to the emergency room in March that I forgot to write down on the renewal application. The application asks if you've had any hospital admissions and an ER visit isn't an admission. But I didn't add it to the list of clinic visits, which included the trip to the ENT to investigate the hearing loss. The problem on the evening of the visit to the ER was primarily dehydration from nausea.

This will kick the whole thing to Oklahoma City for review, which means they'll be getting back to me again as they did four years ago for an entire medical history. But, because they require everything that's supplied by an evaluation within the last 90 days, it means I get to repeat everything and that'll probably need to include an MRI, which went for a nifty $1,500 the last time.

I'm tired of roadblocks. I'm tired. The freedom to fly doesn't feel unrestricted and free when you have to run this gauntlet again and again and again.

There's a pretty good chance this time the FAA will simply deny the request, and that will be the end of that.

These are the day I'm willing to concede that I wasn't meant to fly.


  1. Trade for a 9 and fly it sport pilot

  2. Drat :(

    If I were you, I'd grind this process out until you get your medical renewed. After you get your medical back, don't roll the dice again on trying to renew the medical another time. Sell the RV, and buy something that can be flown under Sport Pilot, or build an RV-12.

    Keep your chin up. You'll get through this!

    Good luck,