Friday, December 21, 2012

The cover boy

OK, I'm not really the cover boy. I'm the "Page 102 boy" in the January 2013 edition of Sport Aviation Magazine from the Experimental Aircraft Association.

The quotes aren't exactly the way I said them and one that's wrong slipped through. I didn't say I never missed kids games or events. I missed a lot of them, partly because of the paper route. I regret that immensely.

And the plane that's shown on the third page isn't my plane. I don't know whose plane it is, but thanks for letting us use your picture because it's nicer than mine is. It looks like an RV-10 to me, so I presume it belongs to Gary Speketer, who stopped by to help me hang the engine, and whom I wrote about here.


  1. Great Article Bob! Remember me? Helped you haul your crates into your house when they were delivered and you came over to use my drill press once, that should deserve a ride! Just kidding! I am still working on my Pulsar, 22 years strong! Will never give up, it just needs paint at this point, plan to do that myself. Would be nice to hook up with you as I am now semi-retired so lots of time.

    Take care,
    Tom Gibbons

  2. Oh, Tom! Of course I remember you. You're the reason I stayed in that chapter as long as I did. I always look for you at Oshkosh but you're hard to find. Would love to go riding in the RV with you sometime. It's down at Fleming. I can easily zip over to Lake Elmo.