Monday, November 5, 2012

End of an era at Oshkosh

A sad day indeed for fans of AirVenture history.

The EAA Radio building...

... has been wiped off the grounds.

The lower image appeared on EAA Radio's Facebook page today.

No word yet on any new location for the outstanding group of volunteers who provide a great service for fans of Oshkosh

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  1. We're working on a new location, Bob. The EAA Radio chairmen are involved in the process. Theyv'e already shared a list of necessities for a new location. In fact, I owe them an email response later today.
    It probably was a fortunate piece of timing that building did come down. Our grounds crew said that when they took it down, the floor beams were about one winter away from being completely rotted through.
    Dick Knapinski