Monday, October 22, 2012

Hightower resigns; aviators appear to celebrate

Rod Hightower, the head of EAA and lightning rod for the criticism that it has gotten away from its homebuilding roots, resigned today. You can read between the lines, though, and pretty much figure out that he jumped before being pushed.

Meanwhile, while the EAA website adequately captures the mood among many in the EAA, I'm pretty much figuring this isn't the presentation of the event that the organization wants.

Although Hightower was one of the upper crust who was against me hosting an EAA Radio show during Oshkosh, I never had the problem with him that a LOT of EAAers seemed to have.

I still don't see much of an articulated vision among that crowd for the future that includes the reality that pilot ranks are dropping. But they've got their wish and now we'll see what their plan is.

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