Sunday, August 12, 2012

N614EF returns home

On Friday evening, I passed the 40-hour mark of Phase I flight testing in N614EF, the plane I built over an 11-year period. That means it would come home on Saturday. So, bring it home, we did.

Son #2, Patrick, made the video and after he left, I provided rides to a couple of guys who've helped tremendously getting the project finished.

Brad Benson and I flew down to Red Wing because I knew that Joshua Wyatt's RV-9A had its airworthiness inspection on Friday. And when we landed, we saw Tom Berge's airplane. Tom was taking it up for its first flight.

Joshua did a fabulous job.


  1. Really sweet, Bob. I got a bit emotional watching this. I remember well my feelings taking Mary up for the first time after Phase 1. Thumbs up to the videographer for capturing this so well!

    Do my eyes deceive me, or have there been some hangars built on the west side of the runway at KSGS?

  2. Nice video, a nd nice plane. Congratulations, Bob. I love the "On to Cleveland" line in the video. Don Hull

  3. David, they've built, I think, four over there so the long waiting list ended up being pretty short. Most of the ones going up are bigger than my house and probably cost more too. One guy built a big one he said he wanted to use to rent to RVers, but there's been little progress on it in the last year, from what I can tell.

  4. This is great news Bob!! Hope to see you at the picnic in September!

  5. Bob, great video, thanks for sharing! While I'm honored you still have that picture of you in my plane's right seat, you really need one of you in your plane's commander's seat!