Friday, April 6, 2012

Hotline post: Installing wheel pants

April 6, 2012) -- Perhaps like you, I've been able to get a lot of good construction information during the 11-year build of my RV-7A from the various builder websites that have sprouted up in the last decade or so.

But one of the areas where good information is hard to come by is the installation of wheel pants and leg fairing. My suspicion is that by the time most builders get around to this, they're pretty sick of updating their websites. Also, many builders are so anxious to get into the air, they save wheel pant work for well after the plane is flying, and well after they've stopped documenting their build.

(More at RV Builder's Hotline)

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  1. Moving right along...far more complete RV-7A than the last time I saw it.