Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Getting ready for Oshkosh

It never fails. It's time to turn the calendar from February to March, and it's snowing in Minnesota. So I'm thinking about Oshkosh.

I've been talking to my pals at EAA Radio in anticipation of returning to do more work with them at this year's AirVenture, in particular doing more segments and stories around homebuilding and individuals (I like telling stories of just one person at a time), and I hope you'll share yours with me this year.

They've also raised the possibility of me hosting a one-hour show Monday-Sunday at noon and what guests I might like them (and me) to pursue.

I don't want to just be "the homebuilder guy" but I certainly want to be a homebuilder guy because I think that perspective hasn't gotten as much attention (although the interview I did with the RVers who flew up from Brazil in '10 qualified).

I'd like to get a list of people you'd like to hear on the air for a segment so I can go about tracking them down (and first finding out they're going to be at Oshkosh). An example: I'd like to have both Lane Wallace and Lauren Paine Jr. on.

Who would you like to hear? Don't hold back, now.

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