Friday, August 5, 2011

Everything but a homebuilt

I didn't get to Oshkosh this year and, frankly, I didn't hear a great deal of excitement about Oshkosh this year. In the weeks after AirVenture, you usually get a lot of complaints that the EAA isn't about homebuilders, anymore. This year is no exception. You can set your watch by the outbreak.

Personally, I don't much care. Oshkosh is big enough to find whatever interests you -- homebuilts included -- and what we're really talking about here is validation from the organization, an indication that homebuilders matter.

Here's a quarter. Call your therapist.

By the way, Slick Hutto, who produces the definitive Oshkosh video each year, says this year's version is only a few days away.


  1. I have read all (okay, some) of the posts on many of the aviation forums concerning the new direction of the EAA's path. I too am a homebuilder, boo hoo. "Here's a quarter. Call your therapist". Bam! Spot on. Thanks for the perspective. See you next year at A Piece Of Grass.

  2. Love your posts. Always get a smile and feel for you. We have all been there, nice to see how much progress you are making. Keep it going. Will be enjoying your posts. Rick W 9a