Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ted's plane and 'the voice'

RV-building acquaintance Ted Chang had his first flight last week in the RV-10 he built.

Today, Ted reported on Facebook, he had an in-flight fire, four miles from the airport and had to make an emergency landing.

It's a testament to Ted's flying ability that he was able to land safety. But as a builder it sure gives me pause. Am I up to responding to a similar emergency? Am I building properly? Is that fuel line too close to something?

There's still a long way to go before my plane is finished, but there is a creeping doubt that is making its voice heard.


  1. "a creeping doubt" is not necessarily a bad thing. Having a healthy respect for what you are trying to accomplish and a cautious eye on each assembly step will help keep the pilot safe. While I feel bad for Ted, others have found a way to successfully complete and fly their project.

  2. "A Creeping Doubt" should convince you to get as many other eyes on your project during the build as possible. Consider any and all suggestions. Is a complex undertaking and in the end is very rewarding.

    Very glad to see Ted flew the airplane and is OK.

    Fellow RV-10 builder.