Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lane makes my day

I don't think I've ever made much of a secret of my admiration for Lane Wallace, the editor/columnist for Flying Magazine, who inherited the honor of being the average flyer's favorite aviation columnist from Gordon Baxter some years ago.

She recently founded No Map, No Guide, No Limits, a terrific Web site that broadens the subject areas for her fine writing.

And now she's added a new line -- online columnist for The Atlantic.

Today she dropped me a note to give me a "heads up" that her column today refers substantially to an article I wrote for my day job, as part of a rout of college campuses I made last winter. It's basically a "dear graduates" letter, a few months early.

Flying is a great thrill and building an airplane is a lot of fun, but getting quoted by one of your favorite writers can make a guy's day.

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