Monday, March 9, 2009

More on wiring the A210/PS 1000

I'll have more on this later but one of my favorite RV people in all of the world -- Kevin Faris (that's his plane in the RV Builder's Hotline banner) -- took it upon himself to examine my woes that I posted early in trying to figure out a schematic for the PS Engineer 1000 II intercom and the ICOM A210 radio.


  1. Bob: Good luck with the RV 7! My hangar neighbor just finished his and took her up for the first flight two weeks ago. Gorgeous bird! I'm sure you are getting your share of qualified assistance but I'd be happy to put you guys in touch at some point if you'd like. Good luck!

  2. I'm using a premade harness from PS for their 1000II. How do I "ground" the shield on the Icom "jumpers" at the jack end? Will chassis ground work for the shields?