Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Seats arrive

It must be cool to be Abby at Flightline Interiors. You get to design upholstery for RV builders and then listen to them tell you how great you are. It's no fluke. She's great and she's another example of why I didn't bother checking around when it came to upholstering the very cool Oregon Aero seat foam. Enough RVers I respect said nothing but great things about Abby. That was -- and is -- good enough for me.

As I understand it, Abby used to design interiors for yachts, and when she left the company, she had a non-compete clause. So she did some work for an RV airplane builder or two and it caught on and she started her own business.

I picked out the fabric to be used and Abby came up with several designs. The interior of the RV is a Rustoleum hammered finished grey. There's a lot of grey. So I wanted the seats to introduce maroon into the scheme.

Making them even better will be the solid maroon Hooker Harness 5-point seat belts (Yeah, I'm not really scrimping in these particular areas) with the black trim.

Lots of cool things are showing up these days. If I could just get someone to take my money for a new engine now, we'll be in great shape.


  1. Beautiful! If there's one thing I don't really like about my plane, it's the seats. They're pretty enough, although the leather is starting to show a little grime and wear, but they aren't very comfortable. I priced new ones, but the ones I looked at cost as much as a new GPS.

  2. I know what you mean. But I have a wife who is not a flyer. She's flown with me for all of 4 minutes. So I figured if there's one place I can't really afford to scrimp, it's comfort. So far. So good. She got all excited when I showed them to her.

    I ordered the Oregon Aero cores about 4 years ago so I've been able to space the spending out over a considerable amount of time.

    Checkoway won't like that but it worked for me. (g)

    BTW, the total cost of the seats, I think, was less than the cost of a torque wrench that a few folks have recommended I buy. Good gosh.

  3. *wolf whistle* those are pretty sharp. hard to tell from an image, but the stitching looks good. the center bottom panel has its own horizontal stitch, with diagonals out the front (?) that's pretty smart considering the type of wear i imagine they'll get. where does the harness cut over the shoulder? is the tether point deeply behind the seatback?

    also curious: do you get matching wall panels, too?