Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How is business at Van's?

As far as I know, Van's Aircraft, being an employee-owned company, doesn't release business and sales statistics. That doesn't stop Isham Inc., from a pretty ballsy assertion that a decline in their sales of RV Tool Kits is attributable to a decline in sales of Van's kits. The writer appears unable to fathom any other possibility, especially since those kits are -- we're told -- so much better than the competition's.

An advertisement masquerading as a blog.

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  1. I tried to buy a rivet gun from them, but couldn't get an answer to a question I posted through their web site. It turns out that they have a phone number posted on the site, but at the time I couldn't seem to find it. I never heard from them at all until the day I posted that anecdote on DReeves site.

    Just my very limited personal experience, mind you, and not to be construed as a blanket observation of their responsiveness to potential customers which could, of course, have an effect on their overall tool sales. YMMV.